Alex Schanssema rond

Alex Schanssema

Appingedam, The Netherlands

This is the 10th new MidiBaler we have bought from Knoll B.V.!

Our contracting company specializes in processing grass and hay into midi bales. We were one of the first contracting companies in the Netherlands to start doing this. We now work with two machines and make +/- 15.000 midi bales per year.

We have had a good relationship with Knoll B.V. for a long time. Previously we worked with the MidiVario 85/100 machines and nowadays with the MidiVario II model.

Recently we have bought a new machine for the season 2022. This time we have chosen the model KNOLL MidiFix.

Meanwhile, this is the 10th midi bale wrapping combination which we have bought from Knoll B.V.!

As we work extensively with our machines during the season, we cannot afford any standstills. This is also the reason why we choose to buy our machine at a company with knowledge and experience like Knoll B.V. I’m aware that every machine can break down unexpectedly, but for us the service offered at that moment makes the difference. Knoll B.V. always thinks with us for a quick solution or repair and the personal relationship with the company appeals to us. When a repair is not possible on location or on short notice, Knoll B.V. will bring a replacement machine to us, so the work continues and we keep our customers happy.

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