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Knoll Midifix II

The KNOLL MidiFix II is our latest development in the field of MidiBalers. The MidiFix II combines the operations of pressing and wrapping in one machine. In developing this new model, we asked ourselves the question, “what does a professional user expect from a KNOLL MidiBaler?”

By developing a new machine from this point of view, we have succeeded in offering a professional machine that scores on the basis of many highlights.


A MidiFix II consists, just like the regular MidiFix, of a bale chamber equipped with 14 symmetrical chamber rollers which guarantee an exceptionally high bale density and bale rotation. The MidiFix II is equipped with a newly developed wrapper which ensures a reliable and fast bale transfer. In combination with a fast wrapper equipped with a double wrapping arm, this ensures an unmatched capacity.

The MidiFix II is a machine for professional users and is therefore perfectly suitable for users working in contract work. It does not matter what kind of product is being processed, silage, hay or straw bales. The machine is very easy to operate and is fully automatic. Also in combination with the optional film binding this machine distinguishes itself in the market segment!


KNOLL MidiFix II vrijstaand web



KNOLL MidiBalers make expectations come true! Our machines combine the operations of pressing and winding in one machine.
This ensures an efficient and effective process that guarantees high reliability and capacity (number of bales/hour).

This working method of KNOLL MidiBalers ensures that bales of the best quality can be produced due to direct air exclusion which ensures the best feed quality. In addition, this combined mode of operation ensures economic use of the machine by using only one tractor and operator.

Thoughtful technology and an efficient process ensure the highest possible efficiency. A fully automatic process ensures easy operation.
Know-how from “our own house” which makes working with KNOLL MidiBalers a pleasure!


A KNOLL MidiFix II can optionally be equipped with a film binding system. When this is present on the machine, it is also still possible to use net. Changing film or net is just changing a setting in the control system.

The use of mantel film offers proven benefits for improving silage quality:

1) Press density / bale density. Bales become more compact and are better protected by the film layers. Also, the presence of mantel film provides an additional oxygen barrier.
2) One type of residual waste. Mantel and wrapping film can be processed as one residual product after the bale is opened. This simplifies the opening and recycling of bales.

For proper application, a net roll of 105 cm and a mantel film roll of 100 cm should be used. The mechanically adjustable braking force system ensures tightly wrapped bales with net or mantel film.


A midi bale has characteristics that make this type of bale particularly interesting for the end user. This type of bale is constantly increasing in popularity and has acquired its 'own' place in the market.

1) Low feed rate. Also useful for the small or hobby farmer
2) Small bale size. Less chance of heating and mold
3) Fits through any door. Light weight and easy to move
4) Packaged airtight and dust-free. Wrapped in wrapping film, long shelf life
5) Logistics. Midi bales are easy to move and transport

A midi bale typically has a weight of 75 -150 kg, depending on the product being processed.

In proportion, one midi bale equals:

3 to 4 small square hay bales
- 1/3 large round bale


Watch videos and photos of the KNOLL MidiFix II below.


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Technical data

Dimensions and weight
Transport length
5,30 mtr
Transport width
2,65 mtr
Transport height
2,15 mtr
500/50 R17
3.025 kg
Brake System
N/A, unbraked (brake system optional)
Required tractor power
Min. 52 kW/ 70hp
Bale size (width x diameter)
85 cm x Ø 90 cm
Bale volume
0.55 m3
75-150 kg
Number of bales per hour
Max. 50-70
Working width
1,70 mtr
Number of tooth rows
Feed rotor with cutting blades
Yes, incl. 7 cutting blades (mechanical operated)
Yes (hydraulically operated)
Attachment to tractor
a) Drawbar for lifting device, CAT. II
b) Drawbar for lower / upper coupling
1-3/8″ (6 splines) – 540 RPM
Hydraulic System
Open center hydraulics from tractor
Hydraulic connections
1 pressure connection 1/2″ 1 pressure return connection 3/4″ Minimum 25 ltr/min flow rate
Load-sensing hydraulic system
Electrical connections
12 volt DC & road lighting
Operator system
CrossControl 7″ TFT touchscreen control (dust and water resistant)
Wrapping System
Double wrapping arm with 500 mm film stretch units
Binding System
Net binding / Film binding (optional)
Film break detection system
Yes, automatic for both binding & wrapping system
Extra storage of wrapping film (rolls)
Additional storage net (rolls)


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MidiFix II


Processing various crops and materials into high-density round bales is what KNOLL MidiBalers excel at!
Our MidiBalers can be used to process grass, hay, straw and alfalfa, among others, into high-density round midi bales.


Hay / haylage


Examples of other materials that can be processed with a KNOLL MidiFix.
Alfalfa | Lucerne

Aanvraag technische documentatie of onderdelenlijst

Automatisch vetsmeersysteem

Optioneel kan iedere type KNOLL MidiBaler uitgerust worden met een automatisch vetsmeersysteem. Een vetsmeersysteem wordt volgens een vast interval geactiveerd waardoor alle lagers en glijsystemen simpel en doeltreffend gesmeerd worden. 

Dit systeem werkt volautomatisch en bestaat uit pomp met een reservoir van 4 liter inhoud. Vanuit de pomp wordt de juiste hoeveelheid vet verdeeld door middel van verdeelblokken. Vanuit deze verdeelblokken wordt ieder lager van vet voorzien. 

Een automatisch vetsmeersysteem verlengt de levensduur van ”draaiende delen” op de MidiBaler en verzekerd een goede en betrouwbare werking voor een langdurige periode. 

PDH-10 additief doseersyteem

Het volautomatische PDH-10 systeem zorgt voor de beste kwaliteit kuilvoer. Dit systeem is in eigen beheer ontwikkeld.

De pomp is voorzien van een RVS pompunit die bestand is tegen diverse soort ‘zuren en toevoegmiddelen’. Elk soort additief kan automatisch worden toegevoerd gedurende automatische werking van de machine.

Bediening en instellingen van dit PDH-10 systeem zijn geïntegreerd in de software van de machine.  

balenklem voor ronde midibalen

KNOLL produceert ronde balenklemmen welke speciaal ontworpen zijn voor het formaat baal welke met een KNOLL MidiBaler of MultiBaler gemaakt wordt. 

Deze balenklemmen kunnen geleverd worden met diverse aankoppelingen, zodat deze met ieder type voorlader of laadvoertuig te gebruiken zijn. 

Load Sensing hydraulieksysteem

Een KNOLL MidiBaler voorzien van een Load Sensing hydraulieksysteem gaat efficiënt om met de energie welke benodigd is. Een Load Sensing systeem zorgt ervoor dat er enkel olie gevraagd wordt door de machine wanneer dit nodig is. De pomp van de tractor levert nooit meer olie dan door de MidiBaler gevraagd wordt. 

Een Load Sensing hydraulieksysteem zorgt voor een perfecte afstemming tussen tractor en de KNOLL MidiBaler. Dit resulteert in een effectief gebruik van de MidiBaler en voorkomt onnodige warmte ontwikkeling van de olie en onnodig brandstofverbruik. 

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Central point lubrication system

Lubricating bearings is extremely important for a long machine life. Using a centralised lubrication system, you can work quickly and effectively and be assured of high-quality performance!

PDH-10 additive dosing system

Fully automatic dosing system for adding silage additives during baling. Pump capacity 10 l/min. Adjustment and control automatically by the computer of the KNOLL MidiBalers.

Midi balehandler

With this balehandler, specially developed for logistics processing of midibales, you are sure of a fast and reliable processing of the wrapped bales. The radius of the clamping arms is specially shaped according to the format of the KNOLL midibales. For this, the bale does not deforms and can be handled properly.