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Werner Hofmänner rond

Werner Hofmänner

Haag (Rheintal,) Switzerland

”The MultiBaler XL runs flawlessly and the employees are enthusiastic!”

Hofmänner Haag AG is a family-owned company that carries out work for clients in a large area of Switzerland on the border with Liechtenstein.

The KNOLL MultiBaler XL is a robust machine. The machines has a strong and sustainably developed bale chamber, which results in very well compacted bales. The film binding works uncomplicated and is excellent for all kinds of materials.

Due to the highly optimized control of the entire machine, the MultiBaler XL also achieves good hourly efficiency.

Loading the bunker with the optional ”side loading conveyor” was of great importance to us, this allows us to unload quickly with our dosing trailer with side unloading system and we never have to drive back. In addition, setting up the machine is easy and hardly noticeable in terms of time.

We mainly press corn, corncob meal and some sugar beet pulp. Our idea is to also bale GPS and possibly grass silage. But from our experience you can bale anything with this machine.

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