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Two green fodder experts join hands

A unique collaboration between two companies with a great track record within the green fodder chain.

Knoll B.V., manufacturer and importer of balers & wrappers enters into cooperation with AM Machinery, specialist in used field choppers, attachments and parts. Both companies made a conscious decision several years ago to specialise in order to focus on added value, each in its own way.

Cobbler stick to your last, however, applies here. Both parties operate in a highly specialised field and will call on each other for quality reasons when this adds value for the customer. For us, the strength lies in very specific expertise and experience, which remains as it is. However, if the customer needs the total package “chopper with baler”, we can offer a reliable partner. Both companies are based in the Netherlands, which is considered a global leader in agriculture.

‘There is a great need for Dutch knowledge in the international agricultural sector. We get requests from all over the world and supply presses in more than 60 countries,’ says Jarold Knoll.

‘A 1+1=3 story,’ says Bart Bennenbroek (director AM Machinery). ‘Knoll offers the end-user a unique solution for preserving green feed. That, combined with the right field chopper from AM Machinery makes it possible for us to relieve our customer with a new innovative harvesting and preservation method. The feed is directly portioned into bales, which guarantees very good compaction and better quality feed, which in turn results in higher milk and meat production and lower methane emissions.

After previous, successful collaborations, the companies decided to seek each other out more often in order to offer the customer a total package with a party with the same high demands on quality, customer service and aftercare. ‘AM Machinery and Knoll B.V. have a lot of common ground and the potential to strengthen each other’s expertise. This is an advantage both for us and for our customers as we can establish faster and shorter lines in our network, explains Jarold Knoll (managing director Knoll B.V.).

AM Machinery is an international field chopper specialist based in the Netherlands, concentrating on purchasing, sales, inspections, repairs, parts and upgrades of used field choppers, this specialisation is unique in the world.  With more than 25 years of experience and its own warranty programme, internationally the reliable partner for used chippers.

Over the past 25 years, Knoll B.V. has been active with various developments in the field of balers & wrappers. Both as an importer and producer. In short, the leading party for a professional new or used baler/wrapper combination.


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